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Aadhaar card online registrationResident can now register online with UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) in order to get an Aadhaar number generated. By following this process, residents can save time spent in an enrolment centre. Residents can submit their basic demographic data relating to himself or herself by registering online.

PLEASE NOTE: A visit to enrolment centre is necessary as a resident has to give his biometric and fingerprints scan.

Conditions for Aadhaar card web Pre-enrolment:

    1. This facility for online pre-enrolment application for Aadhaar number by submission of demographic information of the resident has been provided by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for the convenience of the resident. It is however clarified that this online application process is a convenience provided by the UIDAI to enable quicker enrolment at the enrolment station and does not guarantee the successful generation of Aadhaar.
    2. The online pre-enrolment application form can be submitted by the resident or any person on behalf of the resident.
    3. The resident is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the information provided online through this mechanism. The UIDAI is not responsible or liable for the accuracy or correctness or otherwise of the data uploaded by the resident.
    4. The UIDAI will not issue an Aadhaar number based on the online application submitted by the resident until the resident goes to an enrolment station along with the proof of identity and address documents, to provide their biometric information and verify the accuracy of the demographic information provided.
    5. Once the online application is submitted, the resident can go to any of the enrolment centers, which has online connectivity for completing the process as defined in 4.
    6. UIDAI will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the resident if the resident does not appear for biometric capture and data verification on the date specified and at the enrolment station specified.
    7. The resident is responsible for the safety and security of their data at the terminal from where the information is being uploaded.
    8. UIDAI does not guarantee that the connectivity shall be available at the enrolment center and hence a resident may have to visit another enrolment center for Aadhaar enrolment.

How to Pre-enrol for Aadhaar card

  • Visit here to pre-enrol
  • Now type the code in image.
  • Now Select second language.
  • Click on Verify and Proceed.
  • Now enter your Demographic information
    1. Personal Demographics
    2. Address for Communication
    3. Camp Detail
    4. Banking and Documents
    5. Review and Submit

You can also schedule an appointment at enrolment center for getting your Biometrics recorded, doing which will complete your aadhaar application. To book an appointment please click here (after filling the pre enrolment form)

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